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Colorado gets $10 million to fight coal seam fires like those burning at Marshall Mesa and Glenwood Springs

Colorado will get $10 million in new federal infrastructure money to combat decades-old coal seam fires like those on Marshall Mesa and in Glenwood Springs that periodically flare up and wreak havoc, state officials said Tuesday.  The new funding more than triples Colorado’s existing federal budget for all coal mine cleanup efforts, and will be […]

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Colorado to request $25M in federal aid to help clean up its more than 1,200 orphan wells

Colorado is seeking $25 million from a federal fund to plug orphan oil and gas wells, state officials said, in what could be the first installment of millions in cleanup aid. The money is part of the Biden administration’s infrastructure program, passed by Congress last November. A total of $1.4 billion in plugging and abandonment […]

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Carman: Rebuilding from the Marshall fire should be a model of climate adaptation

The cost of the Marshall fire is eye-popping. With more than 1,000 homes destroyed, preliminary estimates put the insured losses at more than half a billion dollars. Meanwhile, Republican members of Colorado’s congressional delegation continue to oppose legislation to address climate change — the fundamental cause of this and 20 other billion-dollar disasters across the […]

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Littwin: Biden celebrates his big bipartisan infrastructure win, but don’t count on it happening again

I’m not sure why exactly Mitch McConnell allowed Joe Biden to have his big, $1.2 trillion infrastructure-bill victory, but I’ve got a feeling he won’t let it happen again. Ever. It was notable, but hardly surprising, that McConnell wasn’t among those in attendance at the big party Monday on the White House South Lawn, where […]

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Colorado will get at least $100 million, possibly $1 billion, from infrastructure bill to end digital divide

Colorado’s efforts to end its rural digital divide could finally happen with the $1 trillion U.S. infrastructure bill, currently awaiting President Joe Biden’s signature.  At least $100 million for broadband infrastructure will end up in Colorado, but it could be much more, said Tony Neal-Graves, chief information officer and executive director of the Colorado Office […]

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Opinion: The infrastructure bill has plenty for Colorado, if only Congress would pass it

Our infrastructure is the foundation of our country and it supports everything we rely on. It silently does its job by allowing us to move goods to markets, supply water to communities and businesses, energize our smartphones and computers, heat and cool our homes, and helps take our children safely to school. Our infrastructure touches […]