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SunLit Interview: In Bruce Lee, author Daryl Maeda found a “badass dude” he could embrace

Daryl Joji Maeda is dean and vice provost of undergraduate education and professor of ethnic studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is the author of “Like Water: A Cultural History of Bruce Lee,” as well as “Chains of Babylon: The Rise of Asian America” and “Rethinking the Asian American Movement.” A sansei (third-generation […]

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Telluride’s Original Thinkers festival is aimed at allowing us to “move forward in this confounding world”

It’s been a hard year everywhere. That weighed heavily on David Holbrooke as he mapped out a plan for the fourth annual Original Thinkers festival, which returns to Telluride Sept. 30 – Oct. 3 after a year of virtual offerings. “Yes we look at some serious issues, but this is meant to be a festival […]

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Silverman: A fond farewell to Charles Grodin, forever the Heartbreak Kid

Manhattan-based accountant Allen Weisselberg must be a wreck. Weisselberg and his family’s welfare are threatened. As bookkeeper for Fred Trump and then his wayward son, Weisselberg knows Trump’s financial shenanigans. Law enforcement encourages accountants to turn on crooked clients. Mobsters hate that. In the entertaining movie, “Midnight Run” (1990), accountant Jonathan “the Duke” Mardukas turned […]

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Original Thinkers plans “an ingenious heist of people’s brains”

Not long ago, a friend observed David Holbrooke, founder of Telluride’s Original Thinkers Festival, at his post — leading  troops and extinguishing assorted fires. Impressed by Holbrooke’s multitasking, the friend praised him as the “ringmaster” of his festival’s circus.  Holbrooke replied that he prefers a similar, yet not-identical title: “Yeah, OK,” he said. “But think […]

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Opinion: Nazi tactics? In these coronavirus times, find inspiration from an era when fear and uncertainty fell from the skies

Coloradans, like others around the country, are growing restless amid the stay-at-home orders across the state. Gov. Jared Polis — the state’s first Jewish governor — delivered an emotional response this week to a prominent Republican who accused officials of using Nazi tactics to shut down the state.  President Donald Trump has compared the struggle […]