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Colorado is expected to certify its election results soon — and without controversy

Colorado’s election results will be official within a week at the most and without the controversies surrounding lawsuits and certification seen in other states. All but one of the state’s 63 counties certified their election results last week. Gunnison County experienced a delay after elections officials contracted COVID-19 and expects to certify results this week. […]

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U.S. Supreme Court upholds Colorado’s right to remove “faithless electors” in consequential ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed with Colorado’s argument that the state should be able to remove presidential electors who ignore the vote of the people in a closely watched ruling that threatened to have major consequences in the upcoming election by reshaping the Electoral College.  In a unanimous decision, the justices sided with […]

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Nicolais: Why the Supreme Court should reject Colorado’s Electoral College argument

There may be no more powerful indicator of a desire to return to normalcy than the incessant bickering of political factions over electoral structures and processes. Over the past week, Colorado took a prominent place in one of those skirmishes. On Wednesday, the Colorado Attorney General spent an hour arguing that presidential electors must be […]

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U.S. Supreme Court to hold May arguments — including in Colorado’s “faithless electors” case — by teleconference

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court said Monday it will hold arguments by teleconference in May in key cases, including President Donald Trump’s bid to shield his tax and other financial records. The court will make live audio of the arguments available for the first time. It had previously postponed courtroom arguments for March and April because […]

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Colorado’s presidential electors don’t have to vote for candidate who wins the state, federal appeals court rules

Colorado’s presidential electors do not have to vote for the candidate who wins the state’s popular vote, the powerful 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver ruled Tuesday evening, a decision that could have major ramifications for future elections. A three-judge panel on the federal appellate court ruled 2-1 against the Colorado Secretary of […]