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Opinion: Environmental protection and infrastructure development are not mutually exclusive

Infrastructure. It’s the foundations that make up way we live. From turning on your light switch to merging onto I-70 to get to work, it’s an issue that impacts all Americans. But do our policymakers in Washington make essential infrastructure a priority? Considering the latest grade given by the American Society of Civil Engineers for our nation’s infrastructure […]

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Andrew Romanoff goes apocalyptic on climate change. But will fear drive support for his U.S. Senate bid?

In the first video for his U.S. Senate campaign, Democrat Andrew Romanoff declares a climate apocalypse is near. The bleak, 4-minute miniature movie starts “in the not so distant future” focused on a family in Colorado Springs hiding inside a foil-lined bunker from 127-degree heat and poor air quality outdoors. “Mommy says baby brother will […]

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Colorado attorney general taking hard look at Trump administration’s clean-water regulations rollback

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is taking a hard look at the Trump administration’s decision last week to roll back Obama-era clean water regulations as he determines how to respond. The Democrat says that he might challenge the unwinding of the Waters of the United States Rule if he determines that the Environmental Protection Agency […]