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Opinion: Was it a coup? No, but the U.S. Capitol siege was the election violence of a fragile democracy

Did the United States just have a coup attempt? Supporters of President Donald Trump, following his encouragement, stormed the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday, disrupting the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential election victory. Waving Trump banners, hundreds of people broke through barricades and smashed windows to enter the building where Congress convenes. One rioter died […]

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The escape of an Egyptian princess provides the underpinnings of a trademark Cussler novel

Dirk Cussler is the co-author, with his father Clive, of seven previous Dirk Pitt adventures: “Black Wind,” “Treasure of Khan,” “Arctic Drift,” “Crescent Dawn,” “Poseidon’s Arrow,” “Havana Storm,” and “Odessa Sea.” Cussler serves as president of the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA), a non-profit organization devoted to shipwreck discovery and preservation of our maritime […]

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What does music really do to us? Original Thinkers festival taps The Boss, scientists and revolutionaries for the answer

TELLURIDE — Gwen Thompkins, a radio host and reporter from New Orleans, is playing clips from the Golden Record that NASA tucked into its 1977 Voyager spacecraft before it plumbed the most remote corners of the universe, a soundscape collected from around the planet including Chuck Berry and Louis Armstrong.  “Music grabs us by the […]