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Diana Bray

Diana Bray

Diana Bray: Why I’m supporting Andrew Romanoff in the Senate race

Judge places Democratic U.S. Senate candidate who only collected half the necessary signatures on primary ballot

Judge Christopher Baumann ruled that the fact Michelle Ferrigno Warren was able to collect half the necessary signatures despite the outbreak of the new coronavirus suggests she has “‘significant modicum’ of support for her candidacy.”

Diana Bray: Coronavirus is just a symptom of a sick planet

What you need to know about Saturday’s Colorado caucuses, where Hickenlooper faces test in U.S. Senate race

The caucuses are how Colorado candidates can qualify for the ballot, and offer an indication of party enthusiasm ahead of November

Hickenlooper has likely secured his spot on the U.S. Senate primary ballot. But will the Democratic base embrace him?

John Hickenlooper, in addition to petitioning onto the ballot, is also going through Colorado’s caucus process. That could reveal how the Democratic Party is feeling about his candidacy.

Diana Bray: I sat during the Pledge, and it likely cost me support. Here’s why I did it.

Opinion: The climate disrupters are coming out of the woodwork, and they aren’t afraid

Opinion: Casers and streeters and the case of the undelivered mail ballots in Colorado

Opinion: Let’s listen to Greta, not to DC insiders when it comes to the Senate race

John Hickenlooper hesitated when asked if Trump committed impeachable offenses. His U.S. Senate rivals pounced.

The Democrat’s answer, caught on camera, shows how both parties are struggling to answer impeachment questions

A deeper look at the Colorado money race ahead of 2020: Who raised the most and where it came from

John Hickenlooper gets boost from national Democrats as Andrew Romanoff holds steady in the primary for U.S. Senate

Colorado’s U.S. Senate candidates feel the heat from a growing bloc: climate change voters

As the sense of urgency increases, climate change has evolved into an issue that drives Democrats and independents to the polls

Opinion: Will Colorado’s air be OK to breathe today? We shouldn’t have to guess.

The crowded field of Colorado Democrats running for U.S. Senate pitches a message at their first forum: crisis

Nine Democrats running for U.S. Senate in Colorado gathered in a Denver park for their first side-by-side introduction to voters ahead of what’s likely to be among the nation’s most-watched 2020 contests