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Proposition EE explained: How much more cigarettes, nicotine products would cost in Colorado

Cigarettes and tobacco products are taxed in Colorado. Vaping devices and vaping fuel are not.  A question on the November ballot — Proposition EE — would change that system, increasing the price of cigarettes and all other nicotine and tobacco products gradually over the next seven years.  The Colorado legislature passed legislation in the 11th […]

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Krieger: A lonely Colorado conservative makes the case for one person, one vote

In the real-time Schitt’s Creek we call 2020, Colorado’s Proposition 113 barely registers on the wacko-meter. But its peculiarities carry echoes of a time when political parties mattered more to our democracy than cable news gasbags. The most obvious oddity of Prop 113 is it asks voters to approve something — Colorado’s participation in the […]

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Opinion: Investing in our present and future doesn’t have to be just a slogan for Colorado voters

We find ourselves in uncertain times, but this November, Coloradans will have the opportunity to take a concrete step forward in support of health and education.  By voting yes on Proposition EE, we can choose to boost community health, particularly for our teens, protect our public schools from the worst of the budget cuts facing […]

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Questions about Colorado candidates, ballot measures or how to vote? We’re here to help.

Colorado voters will make decisions on a long list of candidates and ballot measures in the 2020 election — and navigate a minefield of misinformation about voting. The mail-ballot system is not new in Colorado. The law won approval in 2013 and Colorado held its first statewide mail-ballot election in November 2014. But questions continue […]

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Opinion: Stop digging a hole for first responders, schools and small businesses. Vote “yes” on Amendment B

The Gallagher Amendment is a 40-year-old formula that has no business in the constitution.  We are proud to stand with the state’s small business leaders, who say Gallagher poses an enormous threat to Colorado’s small businesses in this post-COVID world. We are proud to stand with firefighters, teachers, law enforcement and rural hospitals, who all […]

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Amendment B puts spotlight on Gallagher’s mixed legacy of budget cuts, tax relief and inequality in Colorado

If you live in the Denver metro area, you can be forgiven if the panic surrounding the Gallagher Amendment sounds like utter nonsense. “What tax cuts?” a homeowner may ask. Gallagher has saved Colorado residents $2.8 billion in property taxes last year alone, but in the metro area, homeowners continue to see their property tax […]

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How The Colorado Sun will cover the 2020 election — and why we need your help

A new survey shows that government and politics is the No. 2 issue in Colorado. And The Colorado Sun is here to help you make sense of it all. We cover government and politics differently than others. Less “he-said, she-said” and more facts. No spin and no agenda. We are a nonpartisan, independent, member-supported, award-winning, […]

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Opinion: Prop. 116 would only worsen the severe lack of school funding in Colorado

Over the past six months, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, and at a time when the state budget has been decimated by COVID-19, a Republican-backed measure to shrink Colorado’s tax revenue by more than $400 million over the next three years is flat-out irresponsible. Proposition 116, a ballot measure […]

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Opinion: I’m a cardiologist and I’m voting No on 115. It’s bad for women and bad for doctors.

Anti-abortion interest groups want you to believe they  care about the lives of pregnant women. But make no mistake —  in their recent attempts to ban abortion in Georgia, Ohio and Alabama they have worked to pass laws that either made no exceptions or had lawmakers supersede doctors in judging what constituted a life-threatening condition.  […]