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Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar

Opinion: Facebook shouldn’t block a journalist tool revealing how political ads are targeted

The 6 numbers that tell the story of Colorado’s Democratic presidential primary

It was a big night for Bernie Sanders in the state, but Joe Biden also exceeded expectations. Elizabeth Warren came up short and didn’t win a single Colorado county.

How Colorado will award Democratic delegates from the Super Tuesday primary, explained

The Democratic presidential race narrows ahead of Super Tuesday and may lead to a closer contest in Colorado

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg in a photo collage.

Ahead of Super Tuesday, TV ad spending tops $9.4 million in Colorado thanks to one big spender

Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg accounts for 78% of the TV ads in Colorado, but other candidates made last-minute buys

Krieger: Grumpy Old Men II — fear and loathing in Colorado’s presidential primary

Colorado donors have shelled out millions to presidential candidates. Here’s who they’ve supported most.

Bernie Sanders is in the lead, having raised more than $2.7 million from Coloradans. Denver is the state’s biggest campaign cash cow, providing some $2 million to candidates from over 23,000 donors.

How Bernie Sanders became the favorite in Colorado: A look inside the campaign

The Vermont senator’s strong support didn’t fade after his 2016 victory in Colorado. In fact, he has energized new volunteers.

Bernie Sanders boasts big lead in Colorado presidential primary as rivals struggle, new poll shows

A poll from Magellan Strategies shows defeating President Donald Trump is the top concern for voters ahead of the Super Tuesday primary

How 5 Coloradans, undecided on the Democratic presidential primary, are weighing their candidate options

The Colorado Sun spoke with a group of voters after they watched Tuesday night’s debate. Hundreds of thousands of Democrats and unaffiliateds are waiting until the last minute to cast their ballots.

Joe Biden’s “inexplicable” no-show strategy makes him an outlier in Colorado’s presidential primary

The former vice president is the only Democratic candidate to not hold a public event in Colorado as other campaigns flood the state

Colorado issues, like fracking and marijuana, divide the Democratic candidates for president

A Colorado Sun survey shows all but two candidates support federal marijuana legalization, while others lack clear plans on Western issues

Bernie Sanders sees Bloomberg as a threat in Colorado’s presidential primary — and a perfect foil

At Sanders’ downtown Denver rally on Sunday night, he and his surrogates all attacked the former New York mayor, who is investing heavily in Colorado

Carman: Latino voters could tip the scales in the 2020 elections … if they show up at the polls

Opinion: It’s time to reform democracy and return power to the people

What a viral photo says about Michael Bennet’s presidential campaign in Iowa, and his chances in New Hampshire

The Colorado Democratic senator spent big in Iowa and came out empty, so Tuesday’s primary is an even bigger test

Colorado voters will be able to cast their presidential primary ballots on the same day as New Hampshire’s

The Iowa caucuses will still kick off the presidential primary election season, but Colorado -- because of mail-in ballots -- will share the status as one of the earliest battlegrounds for candidates

Who Colorado donors support the most in the 2020 presidential race

About 7,000 Colorado residents made donations to Donald Trump or Democratic rivals, a Colorado Sun analysis shows

Democrats like John Hickenlooper strain to claim they have 2020 fundraising chops

Former Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper's presidential campaign said it reached $1 million in fundraising in less than 48 hours and received donations from all 50 states