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SunLit Excerpt: “The Diamond Diva Vendetta” spins an adventure on the streets of Rio de Janeiro

Author Jodi Bowersox introduces a newly divorced writer on a Brazilian retreat -- and a dangerous case of mistaken identity


Three Denverites scaled cliffs, galloped horses and raced across Canada to win a million dollars. Were they successful?

Dave Bacon, Paul Montague Jr. and Mindy Murphy spent 29 days in 2019 racing across Canada in National Geographic’s new “Race to the Center of the Earth” reality television series. After pandemic delays, the show premiered last week.


In the novel “The Cryptid Catcher,” the main character wonders if he’ll find evil

Author Lija Fisher's protagonist, Clivo, mistakes a priest for a shape-shifting creature, but then learns some disturbing information about the object of his search

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How a Charlie Sheen news story ushered a Colorado author into the world of cryptids and adventure

At first, Lija Fisher took great liberties with the creatures, but soon learned there's a whole field -- cryptozoology -- that takes them seriously, and can be a "gateway science" for kids

SunLit Interviews

A talented 16-year-old painter is given a chance to “merge minds” with a dying master. Should he take it?

Jim and Stephanie Kroepfl's young-adult tale of a plan to accelerate human development makes the opportunity sound enticing. But what are the ultimate costs?

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The escape of an Egyptian princess provides the underpinnings of a trademark Cussler novel

Protagonist Dirk Pitt eventually will be launched on yet another adventure. But first, the authors lay out the ancient story that will tie everything together.

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