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In the novel “The Cryptid Catcher,” the main character wonders if he’ll find evil

Author Lija Fisher's protagonist, Clivo, mistakes a priest for a shape-shifting creature, but then learns some disturbing information about the object of his search

How a Charlie Sheen news story ushered a Colorado author into the world of cryptids and adventure

At first, Lija Fisher took great liberties with the creatures, but soon learned there's a whole field -- cryptozoology -- that takes them seriously, and can be a "gateway science" for kids

A talented 16-year-old painter is given a chance to “merge minds” with a dying master. Should he take it?

Jim and Stephanie Kroepfl's young-adult tale of a plan to accelerate human development makes the opportunity sound enticing. But what are the ultimate costs?

The escape of an Egyptian princess provides the underpinnings of a trademark Cussler novel

Protagonist Dirk Pitt eventually will be launched on yet another adventure. But first, the authors lay out the ancient story that will tie everything together.