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Nicolais: A frightened sprint through Las Vegas casinos proved my point about the Active Shooter Alert Act

There was something surreal about sprinting through Las Vegas casinos a week ago with my wife and friends as we searched for a safe place to shelter from an alleged active shooter. A couple days before, I submitted my column on the Active Shooter Alert Act but knew it had not been published yet. The […]

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5 killed, including gunman, in shooting spree across Denver and Lakewood

A gunman killed four people and injured several others, including a police officer, in a shooting spree that spanned Denver and Lakewood on Monday night. The suspect also died Monday, Lakewood police said. Officers had exchanged gunfire with the suspect in at least two areas. The gunman’s motivation was not clear. His identity was not […]

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Active shooter drills are part of school life. Can they be done better?

By Caitlyn Kim, CPR News The Lockdown Drill Generation. That’s what 17-year-old Ellie Perlmutter said she’s part of. No, it has nothing to do with the pandemic. It’s the generation of students that have had to participate in active shooter drills at school. Approximately 95% of schools practice what to do in case a shooter […]

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These employees survived the Planned Parenthood shooting. They say the organization could have done more to help them.

Cristina Jiminez, assistant manager of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, felt the “warm whisper” of a bullet passing by her head as she hid on the floor of a bathroom during a gunman’s five-hour rampage in 2015.  Lindsey Raymond, a health center assistant, holed up in a room with a patient she’d never […]