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Carman: One small step will save a mile of the Colorado River. A giant leap is needed to save the rest.

It was a predictably goofy photo op last week amid the heavy machinery poised to rip into the area around the Windy Gap reservoir in Grand County to save a stretch of moribund Colorado River. Sen. Michael Bennet was there along with his Republican challenger, Joe O’Dea, and dozens of smiling county commissioners, Trout Unlimited […]

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Carman: Here’s to Liz Cheney, and here’s to the progressive who can beat her in 2024 — whoever that may be

More than three weeks before Liz Cheney’s shellacking in the Wyoming primary, it was clear across our neighboring state to the north that her campaign was kaput. As we drove through Saratoga, Rock Springs, Jackson, Alta and beyond in late July, I counted three “Cheney for Wyoming” signs and dozens of “Hageman for Congress” billboards […]

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Carman: No, Justices Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Thomas and Barrett, we won’t just lie back and take it

The story that sent me over the edge was about a pregnant 14-year-old sexual assault victim in Arizona who was denied an abortion last week in the wake of the Supreme Court decision handed down June 24. Her grandmother kept begging the receptionist at the shuttered women’s clinic to help her. “This was not her […]