As a devoted Rockies fan, and having read the story by Kevin Simpson, titled ‘I’m kind of part of the problem’: Why do Rockies fans keep paying to watch a losing team? I would like to express what fans like myself feel about the current ownership.

The Colorado Rockies, nestled in the heart of the Centennial State, have long been a symbol of pride and unity for our community. Coors Field, with its breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, has been a sanctuary for baseball enthusiasts from all walks of life. However, as passionate Rockies fans, we must address an issue that has cast a shadow over our beloved team – the need for a change in ownership.

In recent years, the Rockies have struggled to meet the expectations of a fan base accustomed to success in our other major sports franchises — the Broncos, Nuggets, and Avalanche. We yearn for that winning feeling, the thrill of supporting a team that consistently competes at the highest level. Yet, the Rockies have often left us disheartened, enduring seasons marred by losses numbering close to the dreaded triple digits.

Regrettably, this isn’t a recent downturn. Since their inception in 1993, the Rockies have made the playoffs just a handful of times and have never claimed a World Series title. While the fortunes of every baseball team ebbs and flows, the Rockies’ persistent ebb raises questions about deeper issues within the organization.

Many fans, myself included, share a growing concern that the current ownership prioritizes profits over a commitment to winning. It’s disheartening to witness a team seemingly content with mediocrity as long as the turnstiles keep spinning. This perception, that fans are seen as little more than revenue streams, erodes the team’s connection with our community and leaves us feeling undervalued.

Our manager, Bud Black, is well-regarded in baseball circles for his passion and dedication. Yet, he can only do so much with the roster he’s been given. It’s a source of frustration for fans to see a coaching talent of Black’s caliber grappling with a lack of competitive players. It’s high time for an ownership group willing to invest in talent that matches the coaching acumen, giving us a fighting chance.

Compounding these challenges, the Rockies compete in one of baseball’s most formidable divisions, the National League West, where powerhouse teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants reign. To be truly competitive in such an environment, we need an ownership group committed to building a team capable of taking on these formidable opponents consistently.

We need look no further than other successful Colorado sports franchises under Stan Kroenke’s ownership —the Nuggets and Avalanche, and, we can hope, the Walton-Penner ownership of the Broncos — to envision what’s possible for the Rockies. Kroenke has demonstrated a commitment to winning, a willingness to invest in talent, and a proven ability to construct competitive teams. The Rockies could greatly benefit from such leadership.

Our call for a change in ownership isn’t merely the lament of disgruntled fans; it’s a collective plea from loyal supporters who have stood by the Rockies through thick and thin. Having witnessed the evolution of Colorado sports, I firmly believe that the Rockies can rise to greatness under new ownership.

While the Rockies’ farm team has produced some promising talent, such as Ezequiel Tovar, Nolan Jones, and potentially Brenton Doyle and Elehuris Montero, it is evident that there has been inconsistent investment in the team’s farm system. Thriving franchises prioritize the nurturing of young talent from within, cultivating players who can excel at the highest level, much like the successful model of the Dodgers. However, the Rockies have frequently leaned towards short-term solutions by signing high-priced free agents. Although this approach may yield occasional positive results, it falls short of providing a sustainable foundation for success. A new owner must prioritize and revitalize the development of a robust farm system, thereby ensuring the Rockies’ long-term competitiveness.


Moreover, perplexing front-office decisions, including questionable trades and draft choices, have left fans scratching their heads. The inexplicable attachment to certain players further erodes fan confidence. An ownership change could usher in fresh perspectives with a clearer vision for the team’s future, reassuring fans that the Rockies are on the path to redemption.

Coors Field, as eloquently stated by Kevin Simpson, deserves a team that consistently fills its seats with excited fans who are rooting for the home team instead of the visitors like the Mets, Dodgers, and Cubs. The Rockies have the potential to become a powerhouse in Major League Baseball, attracting spectators from across Colorado and beyond. New ownership, committed to winning, could breathe life into the fan base, rekindling the electric atmosphere reminiscent of earlier years.

In the world of sports, change is often met with trepidation, but it is also the catalyst for transformation and progress.

Ray Tillman lives in Westminster.

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Ray Tillman lives in Westminster.