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Careful readers of The Colorado Sun know that Barbie was the brainchild of Denver’s own Ruth Handler. Handler’s iconic creation is currently shining in Greta Gerwig’s feminist fantasia — called “Barbie,” naturally. (Note: It’s not called Ken; who cares about him, except him? Nobody!)

The movie hinges on Barbie’s multiple — but always pink — personalities, ranging from Nobel prize winner to president to astronaut to just plain weird. Now illustrator Peter Moore repatriates Barbie to her spiritual home state, where she can shine in distinctly Coloradan ways. She was born and bred here, and dang it, this is where she belongs.

For instance…

In the backcountry:

Dealing in high country second-home markets:

In her 420-friendly window box:

On the slopes:

On the dining scene in Lakewood:

On her own sold-out concert tour:

And in the merch tent at Mile High:

Peter Moore is a writer and illustrator who lives in Fort Collins. You’ll find even more of his drawings/weirdness at