The Dinosaur Fossil,. Extinction with distinction. (Peter Moore, Special to The Colorado Sun)

Love your hometown? Why not drive it too? The Dodge Durango is a big seller. As is the Kia Telluride. The Chevy Colorado puts the entire concept on sale. And don’t forget: Nikola Tesla went broke in Colorado Springs, when his electric dreams shorted out. (Are you listening, Elon?) 

Clearly, our state is driven. So why not extend franchises to other worthy places?

The Fort Collins Hopmobile

In Fort Fun, drinking is driving!

The Wolf Creek Flakethrower

Sometimes, it’s the only way to reach the lift line.

The Estes Park Extinguisher

BYO water.

The Pueblo Weedmobile

Road rage? Just chill, man.

The Georgetown Mole

Sick of the Eisenhower Tunnel? Drill your own!

The Leadville Donkey

You’ll go when it is good and ready.

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Peter Moore is a writer and illustrator who lives in Fort Collins. You’ll find even more of his drawings/weirdness at