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By Nina Joss, The Littleton Independent

The Bemis Public Library in Littleton closed Wednesday after test results indicated there was methamphetamine contamination in several bathrooms.

A city statement, released after business hours on Wednesday, did not say how long the library will be closed.

Recent findings of methamphetamine contamination at libraries in Englewood and Boulder as well as the Englewood Civic Center led the City of Littleton to perform testing out of “out of an abundance of caution,” according to the statement from the city.

The test findings indicated contamination in the main floor women’s and men’s bathroom exhaust fans and in the lower-level family bathroom, according to the city’s statement. The library is closed for professional decontamination of these areas and further testing throughout the building.

According to city spokesperson Kelli Narde, there was no prior evidence of drug use in the library. She said the city was testing to be proactive after methamphetamine contamination was found at other libraries.