AURORA — A man was arrested Thursday in the death of a father of three who police say was shot after driving around cars stopped for a street racing event, police said.

Jeremy Jacob Rocha, 20, who police believe was involved in the ad hoc event, was taken into custody on suspicion of first-degree murder and four counts of attempted first-degree murder after investigators worked to identify multiple witnesses and vehicles that were on Interstate 70 east of Denver when John Jaros was shot Saturday evening, Aurora police said. It was not known if Rocha had a lawyer yet.

Several rounds were fired as Jaros, who was driving with his three children and wife, tried to get around the stopped vehicles, police said but they declined to provide details about how many shots were fired and who was the intended target.

After Jaros was shot, his wife, Katie, was able to put the vehicle in neutral and guide it over to the side of the highway, Commander Rob McGregor said.

In a statement released by police, she thanked law enforcement for its work, asked for people’s prayers and also said she hoped the person responsible for killing her husband would someday experience the love and mercy of God.

Jaros was the assistant fire chief in Glen Haven.