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Saint Death’s Daughter

By CSE Cooney
April 12, 2022

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From the publisher: Lanie Stones, the daughter of the Royal Assassin and Chief Executioner of Liriat, has never led a normal life. Born with a gift for necromancy and a literal allergy to violence, she was raised in isolation in the family’s crumbling mansion by her oldest friend, the ancient revenant Goody Graves.

When her parents are murdered, it falls on Lanie and her cheerfully psychotic sister Nita to settle their extensive debts or lose their ancestral home—and Goody with it. Appeals to Liriat’s ruler to protect them fall on indifferent ears… until she, too, is murdered, throwing the nation’s future into doubt.

Hunted by Liriat’s enemies, hounded by her family’s creditors and terrorized by the ghost of her great-grandfather, Lanie will need more than luck to get through the next few months—but when the goddess of Death is on your side, anything is possible.

From Nicole, Marketing Manager: I am biased toward CSE Cooney’s prose, for it is beautiful and intricate and glowing and I love it so. This book made me fall in love with her characters, too, particularly Lanie, who goes through rapid growth and an emotional roller-coaster over the course of this book that had me crying and flinging the book across the room.

This book is full — not really dense, but detailed and worthy of full attention given to it. For that strange cross-section of readers, like me, who find themselves loving both the softness and heart of something like “Witchmark” as well as the crunchy, juicy, dry wit and intensity of “Gideon the Ninth,” this book will most certainly tickle your fancy.

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The Wedding Crasher: A Novel

By Mia Sosa
April 5, 2022

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From the publisher: Just weeks away from ditching DC for greener pastures, Solange Pereira is roped into helping her wedding planner cousin on a random couple’s big day. It’s an easy gig… until Solange stumbles upon a situation that convinces her the pair isn’t meant to be. What’s a true-blue romantic to do? Crash the wedding, of course. And ensure the unsuspecting groom doesn’t make the biggest mistake of his life.

From Teresa, Bookseller: Solange is roped into helping her cousin with a wedding and she over hears the bride-to-be confess to not loving the groom. Dean, said groom, has his whole life mapped out and it did not include not being married at his age… doesn’t hurt that he is more likely to get a promotion if he has a significant other by his side. They decide to pretend to be together so Dean can get that promotion but, of course, they catch feelings and pretty soon have to really look at this “fake” relationship they have. Sosa delivers another amazing, fun, steamy read that I couldn’t put down.

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Fermat’s Enigma

By Simon Singh
Sept. 8, 1998

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From the publisher: “I have discovered a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain.” With these words, the 17th-century French mathematician Pierre de Fermat threw down the gauntlet to future generations.  What came to be known as Fermat’s Last Theorem looked simple; proving it, however, became the Holy Grail of mathematics, baffling its finest minds for more than 350 years. Based on the author’s award-winning documentary film, Simon Singh tells the astonishingly entertaining story of the pursuit of that grail, and the lives that were devoted to, sacrificed for, and saved by it.

From Kelvin, bookseller: I’m a fan of books that weave multiple subject threads into the main story. This account of how Fermat’s famous theorem (“the world’s greatest mathematical problem”) was finally proved could not be told fully without including significant bits of history, mathematics refresher courses, detective stories and portraits of both historical and present-day geniuses.

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