The felled Olde Town Christmas Tree. (Provided by the Arvada Police Department)

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ARVADA — High winds have knocked over a beloved Arvada holiday landmark, as the Olde Town Square Christmas Tree came crashing down on Dec. 15.

Olde Town Square has been closed to visitors because of wind gusts that have reached up to 70 mph in the area, but businesses in the area remain open, according to Olde Town Business Improvement District Executive Director Joe Hengstler.

Hengstler said that there hasn’t been much damage in Olde Town besides the tree and a few Holiday Market booths blowing over.

The tree was transplanted to the site in 2006 when Olde Town Square opened in its present form.

Arvada Police and the City’s Parks Department both dispatched personnel to the scene to secure large items from blowing over and prevent debris and ornaments from wafting away from the tree.

He added that the BID is working to figure out a plan to replace the tree, which is an annual holiday favorite in the historic district.

“We’d like to figure out something long term becauses it’s always great to have a giant tree in Olde Town… We’re sad about the tree going down. The Christmas tree is kind of a landmark here this time of year. Ultimately, this isn’t going to squash our holiday spirit,” Hengstler said.

Hengstler added that the tree won’t be able to be re-erected, so a replacement tree would need to be brought in.

“At this point, we would need to figure out a different tree,” Hengstler said.

The Holiday Maker’s Market will take place as scheduled on Friday, according to Hengstler.

Arvada Police Department Public Information Officer Dave Snelling said there hadn’t been any injuries due to the wind or falling tree, but “a lot of broken hearts.”