Denver School Board director Auon'tai "Tay" Anderson speaks at the Colorado Organize to Win 2020 Summit on Feb. 16 at the Mercury Cafe in Denver. (Moe Clark, Special to The Colorado Sun)

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Denver school board member Tay Anderson plans to vote to confirm the district’s next superintendent on Thursday, but that will be his last vote until at least August while he faces a sexual assault and harassment investigation, Anderson said Wednesday.

“Selecting the superintendent is one of the most important things a school board must do, regardless of the things going on outside of my role as a board member,” Anderson told Chalkbeat. “I was duly elected by the citizens of Denver to make this important decision to put kids first and to give Denver Public Schools a new beginning, especially in the event this is a close vote.”

Anderson’s status has been somewhat unclear since Sunday, when he tweeted that he was “stepping back from everyday board functions” until the conclusion of an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct. Soon after, the board issued a statement that said it agreed with that decision and that Anderson would still vote on “necessary matters,” including the confirmation of Alex Marrero as superintendent.

Publicly, there has been little indication the vote will be close. Though a coalition of Latino community groups have called for the decision to be delayed after Marrero was named in a lawsuit in his previous district, a majority of board members have said they stand behind Marrero and feel confident in the selection.

On Wednesday, Anderson told Chalkbeat that he intends to step away from all board activities after the superintendent vote.

“I intend to vote for the superintendent and that will be my last vote until the next school board year begins in August, if the investigation has concluded,” he said. “Once that’s concluded, and I am cleared, I will return to doing the job I was elected to.”


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