Catherine Berra is an avid writer, poet, horsewoman, and world traveler, a dedicated mother and friend, and a lover of nature. She holds a BA in communications/business management from Metropolitan State University in Denver and an Animals and Human Health certification from the University of Denver. For more than twenty years, her career in Washington, D.C., revolved around senior-level logistical and management support to a U.S. ambassador and technical writing at the State Department. 

Upon her return to Colorado in 2014, she resumed her passion for writing and giving back to the world. She is the founder of BeHerd, LLC, an equine-assisted, confidence-building activities program. Catherine resides in Littleton, Colorado, is the proud mother of Alexander Aziz, and relishes her role as caretaker of her rescue horse, Dancer. You can find her at

The following poems are from the collection “Lucid Life.”


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2020 Colorado Authors League finalist for Poetry

Wild Pony

My daughter, 
said her father once, 
is like a wild pony. 
Her spirit is so strong and
fierce I fear she might get

What man could ever rein her
in and hold her spirit still? 
My daughter, she is
absolute In beauty and in

“Lucid Life” by Catherine R. Berra

Her loyalty is like no other 
Her creativeness unique 
That crazy, wild, pony spirit
Must be what that man

My daughter, 
said her father once, 
is hard to hold and handle. 
The man that wins her heart and
soul must also hold a candle. 

To light her way when she can’t see
To remind her not to run, 
to allow a gentle, patient
hand so she doesn’t come

Her spirit shines and blinds the
weak Her wild ways they test 
My wish is that she’ll find that
man to tame her soul  
and let her rest. 

Older, Wiser 

Older, wiser, bolder, wider 
Not many things that haven’t tried her. 

Bitter, colder, they should’ve told her
Life goes on and trust, it molds her. 

Coming through the years of
lessons Tired, wired, released

Simplify and lose the meaning In
all the stuff and all the gleaning. 

Catherine R. Berra

Quiet, solemn, lovely, true 
Age takes a hold and softens you. 

Resigned, resolved, wrinkled
smile Grateful, giddy for all the

Future, limits, questions, love The
answers she’s been thinking of. 

Manly, shelter, peaceful, true 
She dreams of living a life with you. 

Writing, feeling, knowing, home These
virtues she carries, but not alone. 

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