Colorado Covid Blues

The sky’s been painted Solitude:
gray, with a single drop of blue.

Mineral, Quebec: the names of streets
blare by in artificial blue.

The weight of snow buckles branches;
even evergreens have the blues.

Head down, she tromps the rock-strewn path,
then, the flit and pulse of three bluebirds.

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Lone cyclists, runners, walkers, workers—
today our very breath blows blue.

The Rockies keep their measured distance,
sighing variegated shades of blue.

Weeks blur. One poet longs for winter
when the clean, cold breezes blew.

Susan Delaney Spear is an associate professor of English at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, but for the time being her classes meet in her personal ZOOM room. In 2018, her collection “Beyond All Bearing” was published by Wipf & Stock.