Firefighters from Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District train on how to respond to car fires, on Oct. 24, 2019. (Provided by Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District)

Colorado’s tiny fire, metro and other districts control billions of dollars with little voter input

More than 2,000 local elections were canceled in Colorado in 2018. In one district, hundreds of thousands of dollars were embezzled before anyone noticed.

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More poverty, fewer federal dollars: Suburban Denver schools face hard choices about who gets cut off

Large districts like Aurora, Jeffco, and Cherry Creek are among those grappling with how to serve more schools with higher percentages of students living in poverty

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97-year-old Colorado Springs man, one of the last surviving USS Arizona crew members, dies

Stratton was one of the survivors of the Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese aerial attack on the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor on Oahu, Hawaii. More than 1,100 crew members died on the battleship.