Jude Schuenemeyer holds a variety of unknown apple from a historic orchard in Weber Canyon, Mancos, Colorado. Addie and Jude Schuenemeyer founded the Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project in McElmo Canyon near Cortez, Colorado 17 years ago to research and help preserve the genetic heritage of Colorado's historic orchards. Special to The Colorado Sun/Dean Krakel

Historic apple revival in Four Corners / David Byrne’s Denver warehouse show / Outdoor consumers flex muscle / More Black Friday news

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Top Bureau of Land Management employees face deadline on Grand Junction HQ move

The Bureau of Land Management’s planned headquarters relocation to Grand Junction will net the city 27 jobs

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New federal charges against Planned Parenthood gunman don’t necessarily equate to a faster outcome

If Robert Lewis Dear’s competency is questioned in the federal case, as it was in the state case, a resolution to the deadly 2015 shooting at a clinic in Colorado Springs could still be far off