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What’s Working: What we learned after a week of Colorado paying pandemic unemployment benefits

Colorado saw another intense week of job news with several examples of what’s working and what’s really not. As 230,000 out-of-work residents clamored to reopen their unemployment accounts on Monday, there was joy and pain, relief and frustration, clogged support lines and some who gave up and then got paid anyway. My conclusion: Nothing makes […]

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What’s Working: Colorado unemployment system getting rebuilt, new round of Paycheck Protection loans start Monday

Everyone is crossing their fingers that the technology overhaul underway to update the Colorado unemployment computer system will be completed successfully by Sunday. Blame the pandemic for the nine-months-ish long delay. The new tech was supposed to be installed in April, but was postponed when the state realized it had to implement a new system […]

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What’s Working: Will Colorado become the nation’s precedent for extended unemployment benefits?

In the potpourri of Colorado unemployment news this week, here’s what happened:  State Extended Benefits ended Saturday. Colorado’s legislature passed a bill to reinstate the extended benefits through the end of the year. (More below) Someone at the Department of Labor let the internet domain expire for the page unemployed workers go to request payments. […]

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What’s Working: Why nearly 100,000 out-of-work Coloradans were excluded from an unemployment benefit that is now ending early

Several questions came in this week asking about why a program offering an extra 13 weeks of unemployment benefits is ending four weeks early.  Stop reading if you’re on Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) because this doesn’t impact you (although, don’t forget, PUA benefits end Dec. 26). But read on if you’re on regular unemployment, Pandemic […]

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What’s Working: Minimum wage going to $12.32, plus how new COVID restrictions (and fraud?) has doubled unemployment

The number of new weekly unemployment cases has been inching higher for weeks with the latest number now double what it was in late September. That tracks to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Colorado and resulting local business restrictions. But the sudden uptick has the state Department of Labor and Employment wondering whether […]