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Carman: Ranked-choice voting could make our political process a little less awful

Let’s begin by stipulating that there’s probably no way to escape the steaming pile of awfulness we’re in politically with a mere change in election ballots. Hateful rhetoric, lies, rampant voter suppression measures and the racist monstrosity known as the Electoral College are not going to be neutralized by anything as simple as a new […]

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Colorado’s top election official demands answers from third GOP county clerk on alleged election server copying

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold on Thursday ordered Douglas County Clerk Merlin Klotz to answer questions and turn over information about a copy of his county’s election system that was allegedly made.  Klotz is one of three Republican county clerks being investigated by Griswold’s office for making copies of their election system hard drives.  […]

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Copies of Elbert County’s election system hard drive were given to unauthorized people, Colorado’s secretary of state says

Copies of Elbert County’s election system hard drive “are in the custody of unauthorized people,” the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office said Friday. The revelation came to light as Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat, investigates Elbert County Clerk Dallas Schroeder, a Republican, for making the copies over the summer. Griswold’s office says […]

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“Harassment, vitriol and violent threats”: Colorado’s top elections official is asking for security

The threats lobbed at Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and her staff in recent months have been plentiful — and sometimes hauntingly specific.  “I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP,” one person wrote in an online message. “I SEE YOU SLEEPING. BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID.” “I hope you die.” The vitriol has reached the point […]

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Federal judge tells Colorado lawyers to pay defendants’ attorneys fees in unsuccessful election fraud case

A federal judge has ordered two lawyers who filed a class action lawsuit alleging the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump to pay more than $180,000 in attorney’s fees for defendants Dominion Voting Systems, Facebook and others, saying the lawsuit was intended to manipulate “gullible members of the public” and helped spur the […]

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Mesa County needed to restore trust after an election system breach. Here comes Wayne Williams, in his boots.

GRAND JUNCTION — A kitschy red, white and blue wooden plaque reading “Of the people, By the people, For the people” hangs over a bank of Dominion Voting screens and scanners in a room tucked inside the warren of elections divisions offices at the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder’s building. Two cameras point at former […]

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Republican Pam Anderson, a former county clerk, launches bid to unseat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold

Republican Pam Anderson, who served two terms as the top elections official in Jefferson County and led an organization representing county clerks across the state, is running to unseat Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat. Anderson, who announced her candidacy Saturday morning during an appearance on a conservative talk radio show, said she […]

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Trump allies converge on Denver as key defendant defies judge in Eric Coomer’s defamation lawsuit

A Denver courtroom provided the setting for a war of words this week, Trump campaign figures and their conservative media allies on one side and a key target of unfounded claims of fraud in the 2020 election on the other. The defamation lawsuit provides a window into the Trump campaign and the origins of claims […]

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Colorado election 2021 guide: What you need to know about the ballot initiatives and how to cast your vote

Colorado voters will decide Nov. 2 whether to approve a slate of statewide and local ballot initiatives, as well as pick the members of their local school boards.  Here’s what you need to know to participate: When do I need to mail my ballot back? County clerks can begin mailing out ballots Oct. 8, and […]