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Three graphics that explain the 2018 election and Colorado’s political future

The historic Democratic wins in the 2018 election are no fluke — but rather a sign of Colorado’s political future. A new analysis by The Colorado Sun found that all but one of the state’s seven congressional districts is shifting to favor Democrats, including once rock-solid Republican turf. And a handful of one-time swing counties […]

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While Colorado voted, cyber experts were watching for the worst threats to state’s election systems

Inside one of Colorado’s busiest election hubs on Tuesday morning, it was so quiet you could hear someone crack open a can of soda. All eyes were on personal computer screens or the big monitor in the front of the room showing activity on computer systems handling state voter registration, voter verification and vote tallies. […]

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It’s been a smooth ride for most Colorado voters, but even minor midterm glitches seem bigger in a volatile political climate

Absentee ballots that didn’t make it back to Denver. Some 61,000 Adams County ballots that wound up in storage for a week, instead of in voters’ hands. Drop-off boxes stuffed to the brim. Worries among voters whose drop-off sites blur county lines that their ballots might not be counted. It hasn’t been a silky smooth […]

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GOP turnout in Colorado behind 2014; Democrat, unaffiliated ballot returns are surging

Just days before the election, Democrats hold a very slight lead in the early vote in Colorado and unaffiliated voters are leaning blue. The combination is giving Democrats confidence ahead of Tuesday’s count and leaving Republicans with heartburn. “This will be a dogfight until the very end,” said Daniel Cole, spokesman for the Colorado Republican […]

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The country’s election integrity is in the hands of private companies — including one in Denver — with their own security problems

By Frank Bajak, AP Cybersecurity Writer It was the kind of security lapse that gives election officials nightmares. In 2017, a private contractor left data on Chicago’s 1.8 million registered voters — including addresses, birth dates and partial Social Security numbers — publicly exposed for months on an Amazon cloud server. Later, at a tense […]

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61,000 Adams County voters are still missing ballots (and other voting problems around Colorado)

A quarter of voters in Adams County — a key 2018 battleground in Colorado — have yet to receive their ballots because one of four trucks carrying them to be mailed didn’t make it to a postal processing center last week. About 61,000 Adams County ballots — mostly for residents in Thornton, Brighton and Aurora […]

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Colorado has been called the safest place to vote under Republican Wayne Williams’ watch. But Democrat Jena Griswold says things could be better.

Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State Wayne Williams, a lawyer and El Paso County’s former elected clerk and recorder, is being challenged by Democratic attorney Jena Griswold, a first-time candidate in this year’s elections. They’re chasing a job that includes managing the state’s voter registration, elections and campaign finance reporting, and minding vast amounts of data […]

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Did you spill soup on your ballot? Leave it in a rental car? Here’s what to do.

Now that ballots for the Nov. 6 election have landed on kitchen counters across Colorado, voters have some last-minute questions. Based on what they asked just before the 2016 election, the prompts cover everything from “What if I spilled coffee on it?” to “My kids filled in the bubbles, now what?” Here are some answers […]

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Check the mail: Colorado’s Election 2018 ballots are on their way today. Here’s what you need to know.

Colorado’s county clerks will begin mailing more than 3 million ballots to voters on Monday as the state’s roughly three-week-long Election Day officially kicks off. About 2 million of those ballots will pass through the U.S. Postal Service’s processing plant in Denver on Monday afternoon and Tuesday alone. Voters this year have a range of […]

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Big questions about voting rights — and short-term rentals — splinter tiny Colorado town of Pitkin

Trouble began brewing in the Colorado mountain town of Pitkin the way trouble often begins in small towns: in a debate over the prospect of change. When the tiny Gunnison County municipality held its first trustee election in a decade, the April 2016 vote was really a referendum on whether or not to allow short-term […]