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Littwin: All Biden has to do is return the country to normalcy. How hard could that be?

There’s no real secret as to why Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the dumpster after his first year as president. It’s got little enough to do with being too liberal or too old or too weak or too gullible about bipartisanship or for botching the Afghanistan withdrawal or going too easy on Joe Manchin […]

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Silverman: Normal rules of self-defense don’t apply when your house is invaded

January 6 makes me feel bad. Violent crimes are traumatic that way. Anniversaries often trigger bad feelings for crime victims. Our People’s House was attacked by violent intruders. Many Americans felt personally violated by this despicable act. These invaders’ goal was to stop the counting of electoral votes. Legislators indeed had to run and hide. […]

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Littwin: It was late coming, but Biden finally said what had to be said of Trump and his enablers

Among those still in the if-everyone-would-only-ignore-Trump-he’d-simply-go-away camp, Joe Biden finally realized that the concept wasn’t working. Not only was it not working, it was a disaster. And not only has it been a disaster, there’s no easy way to fix it.  Some are saying Biden gave the best speech of his presidency Thursday on the […]

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Biden decries Trump backers as “dagger at throat” of democracy

By Mary Clare Jalonick, Lisa Mascaro and Zeke Miller, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden accused Donald Trump and his supporters of holding a “dagger at the throat of democracy” in a forceful speech Thursday marking the anniversary of the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol. He warned that though it didn’t succeed, […]

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“We were trapped”: Rep. Jason Crow, others talk about lingering trauma of Jan. 6

By Mary Clare Jalonick, The Associated Press WASHINGTON — Long after most other lawmakers had been rushed to safety, they were on the hard marble floor, ducking for cover. Trapped in the gallery of the House, occupying balcony seats off-limits to the public because of COVID-19, roughly three dozen House Democrats were the last ones to […]

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Littwin: As the January 6 Capitol riot anniversary nears, we’re in no better shape one year later

As we approach the anniversary of the January 6 insurrection/attempted coup/riot/assault on democracy/pro-Trump demonstration gone awry/righteous protest to stop the steal/patriots come to save America/false flag operation, one thing is clear a year later — that Americans can’t begin to even agree on how to describe the assault.  And that’s just the beginning of the […]

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Lauren Boebert vows to stay her course as she seeks another term in Congress

GRAND JUNCTION — Far-right conservative firebrand Lauren Boebert announced Friday morning from the basement of a bank in Grand Junction that she is seeking a second term representing Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. In an appearance that was toned down relative to a recent performance at a Turning Point USA conference where she strutted across a […]

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Telluride man accused of assaulting police during Jan. 6 riot

By Colleen Slevin, The Associated Press A man from Colorado and another from Florida who are accused of assaulting police officers in separate incidents during the Jan. 6. riot at the U.S. Capitol were being held in federal custody Wednesday. Mason Joel Courson, 26, of Tamarac, Florida, was arrested Tuesday in Florida and appeared in […]