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Colorado will finally issue renewed Suncor permit, while tightening air monitoring

Colorado air pollution regulators have issued one of the Suncor refinery’s two long-delayed permit renewals, while also strengthening rules on how the company must carry out a new air monitoring law to protect neighbors.  The EPA also signaled it no longer objects to the Plant 2 permit for Suncor after the state made some revisions. […]

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Colorado air pollution regulators are so behind that they didn’t get around to a hearing on one company’s permit for 13 years

In March 2009, a Western Slope oil company filed an application for a state air emissions permit for its wastewater treatment facility. On Thursday, state regulators got around to holding a hearing on that permit — about almost 13 years behind schedule. “We are asking for the same thing we asked for 13 years ago, […]

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Carman: Suncor’s days of beguiling regulators and befouling our air at last may be numbered

There’s a new sheriff in town and, unlike the friendly folks at the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment, she’s not here just to make nice with environmental outlaws. When former Colorado House Speaker KC Becker was named administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 8 office last fall, she promised to further […]

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Opinion: Polluters should pay for their damage to Colorado’s climate

The recent Marshall fire was a nightmare. We watched in horror as an unprecedented firestorm tore through our community in the middle of winter. Many of our friends and neighbors lost everything, and the federal government has already estimated that the bill for this destruction will be at least $1 billion. This isn’t a bad […]

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EPA objects to Colorado’s approval of Suncor permit, asks for changes

The EPA notified Colorado health department officials Friday that it will formally object to parts of the Suncor Refinery’s operating permit renewal because the state may have improperly exempted three flaring systems at the plant.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in February issued a long-overdue permit renewal for Suncor after months of […]