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The oil and gas industry is again spending big to stop more regulation in Colorado. This time, it’s not working.

The oil and gas industry is spending big money as it scrambles to halt a fast-moving bill aimed at giving state and local governments more power to regulate drilling. The campaign to influence lawmakers includes a misleading TV commercial designed to generate public opposition to the bill and the hiring of new high-powered lobbyists at […]

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How would new regulations impact the oil and gas industry in Colorado? Here’s what we know.

The greatest point of contention in the debate about a monumental rewrite of Colorado’s oil and gas regulations is how it will impact the industry and the state. The predictions from critics are dire. A misleading new industry-funded TV commercial warns that the legislation would “shut down energy production in Colorado.” The industry claims it […]

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What the landmark oil and gas bill really says — and its significance for Colorado

Gov. Jared Polis and the Democratic-led legislature are pushing forward a measure that could allow local governments to veto oil and gas drilling in their communities, add a litany of new rules and spark a wave of lawsuits. A provision in the legislation to raise the threshold for forced pooling of mineral rights would give […]