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Colorado’s 2019 legislative session was a doozy, from Democrats’ growing pains to a blabbermouth GOP strategy

Colorado Democrats may control the state Capitol, but the story in the final days of the 2019 legislative session was the Republican stranglehold on their calendar. That’s mainly because of the Colorado Senate, where the GOP ground work to a halt in the waning weeks of the lawmaking term, forcing Democrats to consider what measures […]

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Colorado lawmakers won’t finish their calendar. Now Democrats have to decide which bills to let die.

If the state Senate worked 24 hours a day for the final week, it probably still wouldn’t get through the remaining list of bills before adjournment. “There will be some bills that simply die on the calendar,” said state Sen. Jeff Bridges, a Greenwood Village Democrat. “We just don’t have time.” The reality became clear […]

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At 100-day mark, Gov. Jared Polis evaluates his campaign promises and toughest moments

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis reaches the 100-day mark of his administration Thursday with plenty to celebrate, even if he didn’t deliver on one of his top campaign promises. This week, the Democrat’s top agenda item — a measure to provide state-funded, full-day kindergarten — won a key victory, and other legislation he supports is advancing […]

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Gov. Polis signs Democrats’ sweeping oil and gas bill into law, marking major shift in regulatory authority over drilling

Gov. Jared Polis on Tuesday signed into law a sweeping oil and gas regulation bill that faced stiff opposition from Republicans and the industry as it made its way through the Colorado legislature. “Today, with the signing of this bill, it is our hope that the oil and gas wars that have enveloped our state […]

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Opinion: Colorado will lead the effort to end the student debt crisis

We are in the midst of a crisis. With Americans shouldering $1.5 trillion in student debt, we must waste no time in taking meaningful action to help alleviate this tremendous burden. Today, 730,000 Coloradans each owe, on average, more than $36,000 in student loan debt. And it’s not only recent graduates or millennials — more […]

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We asked our readers for questions about the Colorado legislature. Here are the answers.

As part of our Capitol Sunlight project, aiming to make the Colorado legislature more accessible and understandable to every Coloradan, we fielded questions from you — our readers — about what goes on under the state’s Gold Dome. You didn’t disappoint, with prompts about everything from how to follow the death penalty repeal debate (which […]

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The oil and gas bill is nearing final approval. Here’s a look at the concessions the industry won.

The much-contested legislation to revamp regulation of oil and gas drilling in Colorado is nearing Gov. Jared Polis’ desk after a number of significant changes designed to address industry concerns. The new parts of Senate Bill 181 are intended to put guardrails on the additional authoriity given to state and local governments in order to […]

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The oil and gas industry is again spending big to stop more regulation in Colorado. This time, it’s not working.

The oil and gas industry is spending big money as it scrambles to halt a fast-moving bill aimed at giving state and local governments more power to regulate drilling. The campaign to influence lawmakers includes a misleading TV commercial designed to generate public opposition to the bill and the hiring of new high-powered lobbyists at […]

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How would new regulations impact the oil and gas industry in Colorado? Here’s what we know.

The greatest point of contention in the debate about a monumental rewrite of Colorado’s oil and gas regulations is how it will impact the industry and the state. The predictions from critics are dire. A misleading new industry-funded TV commercial warns that the legislation would “shut down energy production in Colorado.” The industry claims it […]