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Spring Café linked refugees with state lawmakers. A shortage of immigrants means the Denver coffee shop will close.

Spring Café, just blocks from the Colorado Capitol, has for the past four years provided a kind of two-way civics lesson for the caffeine-starved state lawmakers who patronize it and the newly arrived refugees who work there and serve them. Legislative deals are cut at the coffee shop’s tiny round tables. Behind the counter and […]

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Growing community: How Colorado religious leaders are farming food — and a new variety of faithful

“I’m going to garden!” is not quite what one would expect to hear from a Yale Divinity School student mulling summer internship possibilities. Yet, instead of working in a traditional church setting, Jenna Van Donselaar, a bright and dedicated millennial, figured that working at The Table, an urban farm in Denver, would best further her […]

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Many refugee students register for school using the wrong birthdate. Advocates urge Aurora district to change how it verifies age.

By Yesenia Robles, Chalkbeat Colorado Some Aurora students are aging out of local schools — often because of an incorrect birthdate on their immigration documents. “I had several students who were about to age out and they had no idea,” Kati Van Sicklen, a teacher at Aurora Central High School, told Chalkbeat. “Specifically for the […]