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$14M jury award for Denver protesters could resonate around US

Courts across the nation are weighing more than two dozen similar lawsuits.

Crime and Courts

Jury convicts man who shot Elijah McClain protesters while aiming at a Jeep headed toward the crowd

Samuel Young, 24, was found guilty of two counts of second-degree assault, four counts of attempted manslaughter and a single count of illegally discharging his gun

Crime and Courts

Opinion: In the age of Tik-Tok, the marches may be smaller but the movement is growing

When millions of individuals hold the tools of organization, immigration reform is less likely to disappear inside D.C. politics

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Loveland man who authorities say planned to use pipe bombs against police asks for leniency at sentencing

Bradley Bunn  is asking for leniency when he is sentenced Wednesday, with his lawyer arguing a line can be drawn from his combat experience to the declining mental health and delusional thinking

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Opinion: Polarizing the climate debate is a good way to never achieve climate policy

‘Green New Deal or No Deal’ gets us only so far

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SunLit Special: “The Holly” tells the story of Terrance Roberts, his Denver neighborhood and much more

Author Julian Rubinstein focuses on north Park Hill's gang culture, but also other forces that shaped the neighborhood -- from cops to gentrification to George Floyd


Colorado Springs officer who said “Kill Them All” at protest against racial injustice sued for excessive force

A woman alleges Keith Wrede ambushed her and a friend from behind after police ordered them and other protesters to disperse

Crime and Courts

Motorist found not guilty of assault after hitting protester during 2020 Denver demonstration

A jury did find Jennifer Wilson guilty of a misdemeanor reckless driving charge

Crime and Courts

“Everything is still the same”: A year after protests, young Coloradans don’t think anyone is listening anymore

Much of the momentum behind last summer’s Black Lives Matter movement has died down, leaving students to wonder how much longer they’ll have to fight for change.


Colorado bill would convene a study of law enforcement response to police protests

The bill comes after largely peaceful demonstrations in late May and early June were met with tear gas and hundreds of arrests.

Politics and Government

Two Denver officers suspended for excessive force during George Floyd protests

Officers Derek Streeter and Diego Archuleta were the first in the department to be disciplined for excessive force during the protests

Crime and Courts

Colorado lawmakers may change when police can intervene in a protest after summer of unrest

Under Senate Bill 31, law enforcement wouldn’t be allowed to break up a demonstration unless there was an imminent threat of violence or significant property damage from “a significant number or percentage of persons acting in concert”

Politics and Government

One in 8 Americans lives in a community that has lost its local public health department leader during the pandemic.

181 public health employees, including at least 14 in Colorado, have left jobs as the typically invisible army charged with preventing the spread of infectious diseases has become a public punching bag.


PHOTOS: Coloradans react to Joe Biden winning the presidency

Election 2020

Joe Biden supporters across Colorado breathe sigh of relief, celebrate after presidential race is called

At the Colorado Capitol, dozens gathered to celebrate the Democratic victory. Donald Trump supporters were there, too, questioning the results

Politics and Government

Opinion: Denver’s protest shooting a superspreader of online misinformation

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Opinion: I’m worried about what we’ll do after the election. Can we get along?

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History Colorado unveils the toppled Union soldier statue with an exhibit that seeks to tell its story. Its whole story.

The still-scarred piece may be the first attempt in the U.S. to examine controversial monuments by displaying them in the context of divergent interpretations.


Silverman: October will be full of surprises. And not the happy kind.

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Shooting amid Denver protests leaves man dead; 9News security guard detained as suspect

Videos taken at the scene just outside of the Denver Art Museum showed a confrontation in a crowd of people followed by a single gunshot being fired

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