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Denver police investigate allegation that officer used baton to sexually assault protester

Denver police spokesperson Jay Casillas confirmed the department is conducting an internal investigation of the allegation and declined further comment because it is ongoing

Crime and Courts

When the Union soldier fell at the Colorado Capitol, it may have started a chain reaction

The damaged statue now appears headed for a stay at History Colorado. Will a memorial to the Sand Creek massacre rise in its place?


Fractured skulls, lost eyes: Police often break their own rules when using “rubber bullets”

Denver’s policy says officers should use projectiles only on a “combative or physically resistive person whose conduct rises at least to the level of active aggression." The city also forbids officers from targeting the “head, eyes, throat, neck, breasts of a female, genitalia or spinal column” of a suspect “unless deadly force is warranted.”


Tragedy has prepared Colorado students for their next battle: police brutality and racism

Many students have added their voice to the Black Lives Matter movement as Denver demonstrations span into their second week. Tired of sitting back, they’re taking the lead.


Broncos players, coaches join 10th day of George Floyd demonstration in Denver

Safety Kareem Jackson was instrumental in organizing the team’s appearance at Civic Center Park


“It was completely unprovoked”: Protester shot in the face with pepper ball by Denver police demands accountability

The Denver Police Department says they are aware of the incident, captured in a viral video, and are investigating. Darrell Hampton, 27, says he has no idea why he was shot.


They’re young, they’re local: 5 charts that explain who is getting arrested at the Denver protests

More than 350 people have been arrested or cited at the demonstrations over George Floyd’s death since they began last week.


As Denver’s George Floyd protests reach 7th day, police chief holds discussion to “bring about meaningful change”

Police Chief Paul Pazen called the demonstrations “a tipping point.” Mayor Michael Hancock joined protesters on Wednesday.

Crime and Courts

Federal prosecutors in Colorado are looking to charge criminal “agitators” at Denver’s George Floyd protests

U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn, Colorado’s top federal prosecutor, says investigators have reason to believe a small number of people are inciting chaos and causing damage. He believes getting them off the street will bring calm.

Crime and Courts

Cities, including Denver, fear George Floyd protests may fuel new wave of coronavirus outbreaks

In Denver, Mayor Michael Hancock has asked anyone who attended four days and nights of demonstrations in the city to get tested over the next weekend


“We have seen enough”: Mayor enacts curfew, demands calm as third day of George Floyd protests rock Denver

Protests in Denver on Thursday and Friday nights turned violent, leaving a trail of damage as demonstrators clashed with police


Protesters, Denver police clash for second hectic night near Capitol

Officers deployed tear gas and nonlethal projectiles near the intersection of East Colfax Avenue and Lincoln Street. The demonstration lasted for hours.