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Opinion: How one Colorado anti-abortion ballot initiative could affect pregnant people in over 30 states

With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the prospect of an even more conservative Supreme Court, abortion rights in many states are in extreme peril. But even before the next big abortion case is argued before the court, dangerous policies are already in motion. Right now, looming in Colorado, there is a deceptive […]

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Colorado 2020 election: A quick guide to the ballot questions on abortion, wolves, taxes, sick leave and more

Colorado voters will decide 11 statewide policy questions on the November ballot — a list of far-reaching measures that will help set the direction for the state’s future. The 2020 ballot asks voters whether Colorado should put limits on abortion and create a state program designed to provide paid time off to workers for medical […]

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Proposition 115 explained: Colorado’s broad access to abortion would be scaled back under ballot measure

The intensity behind Colorado’s abortion ballot measure escalated to the next level with a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court and national Republican leaders’ intent to seat an anti-abortion justice.  Colorado is among the states with the most unrestricted abortion access in the nation — one of seven that does not prohibit abortion at any […]

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Opinion: I’m a cardiologist and I’m voting No on 115. It’s bad for women and bad for doctors.

Anti-abortion interest groups want you to believe they  care about the lives of pregnant women. But make no mistake —  in their recent attempts to ban abortion in Georgia, Ohio and Alabama they have worked to pass laws that either made no exceptions or had lawmakers supersede doctors in judging what constituted a life-threatening condition.  […]