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Colorado oil and gas emissions rules begin to tighten, but gaps open over what is monitored, by whom and where

Colorado is moving to tighten air emissions from a range of oil and gas activities – including hydrofracturing or fracking – with a general consensus among industry, environmental and community groups. In two days of testimony before the state’s Air Quality Control Commission there was general support for proposed rules covering fracking and drilling, internal […]

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Opinion: It’s time to talk about Colorado’s unwanted houseguest – air pollution

Like many Coloradans, I spent much of August inside a home. Climate change is fueling extreme heat and destructive wildfires, both of which exacerbate our air pollution woes. This meant we had to reevaluate all our plans for fun-filled outdoor activities, especially with the newest family member, my baby nephew. We were stuck inside and, […]

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Opinion: Colorado needs statewide rules to reduce oil and gas emissions

My county, and several others on Colorado’s Front Range, have a distinguishing characteristic that is a continual thorn in our side, especially to me as a local elected official responsible for the well-being of my constituents. Our community in the Denver Metro/North Front Range area is known for its high ozone levels, which the Environmental […]

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Opinion: Yes, oil and gas emissions are major contributors to local ozone production

We read with great interest the column by Barney Strobel in The Colorado Sun on March 8, 2020, “Opinion: Ozone is more serious for Colorado than greenhouse gas emissions.“ We agree that the non-compliance of the Northern Front Range Metro Area (NFRMA) with the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for ozone can have serious […]

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Opinion: Ozone is more serious for Colorado than greenhouse gas emissions

The legislature and the air quality agencies in Colorado have spent an inordinate amount of time discussing, debating and writing bills about greenhouse gas emissions. They are clearly obsessed with reducing methane emissions from oil and gas facilities, but ground-level ozone is a far more serious problem in Colorado.  The federal Centers for Disease Control […]

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Mountain athletes push progress over perfection in climate fight

Caroline Gleich remembers a decade ago when advocating for climate policy became an essential part of her career as a professional ski mountaineer. As she reported the impacts of climate change from far-flung corners she explored for her work, she was besieged.  “Told to shut up, called a glacier killer, a hypocritical ecoterrorist, a polluter. […]

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Opinion: Stronger methane rules will benefit the Western Slope and Front Range alike

As county commissioners representing both sides of the Continental Divide, we know that by working together we can ensure strong protections for our air and climate to the benefit of all Coloradans.  This December, the Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) will consider strong new rules to cut methane and air pollution from oil and […]

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Opinion: Why the zero emission vehicle standard matters — and what it means for Colorado

Expanded vehicle choice and more electric vehicles on Colorado roads will help provide air quality, health, and economic benefits across the state. Multiple studies show that Colorado will see significant economic benefits with higher levels of electric vehicle adoption, including driver savings, downward pressure on electric rates which benefits all ratepayers, and emissions reductions. Colorado […]

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A tiny garden in Boulder is showing signs of stress from smog. The scientist behind it is thrilled.

The first time Danica Lombardozzi noticed tiny brown and black spots covering the leaves of her garden plants, she was thrilled. Her garden was serving its purpose. Each summer, Lombardozzi, a climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, watches excitedly as cutleaf coneflowers, milkweed, snap beans and potatoes sprout in a small garden […]