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Colorado needs to cut greenhouse gas pollution from industry. They’ve put it off until 2023.

Colorado officials won’t pass rules cutting greenhouse gas emissions from large manufacturers until 2023, once again disappointing environmental advocates who say mandatory targets for 2025 and 2030 are slipping out of sight.  Last spring, the Air Pollution Control Division had rulemaking for the next round of industrial emissions cuts planned for 2022. Environmental groups say […]

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Colorado groups threaten to sue EPA for delaying penalties on Front Range ozone pollution failures

Colorado environmental groups are warning the EPA they will sue the federal agency for missing a deadline to place northern Front Range counties in the “severe” category for ozone pollution. Under Clean Air Act laws, the EPA should have placed nine Front Range counties in a more restrictive category requiring more pollution cuts by Jan. […]

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Opinion: The 3 biggest contributors to our sickly air: wildfires, fracking, and auto emissions

As if we don’t already have enough to worry about, the quality of the air we breathe is rapidly slipping well beyond agreed health standards. From Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, low-level ozone is causing stinging eyes and throats, chest pains, coughing, and breathing difficulty. We notice this in particular when winds from wildfires blow […]

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Ozone plagues Colorado’s Front Range, state report says, but bids to change it are elusive

The worst ozone year in recent history on the Northern Front Range boosted pollutant violations in a rolling three-year average closely watched by the EPA, state officials said Thursday, though they did not offer bold new programs to combat the hazardous substance. Twelve monitoring sites on the Front Range now have a three-year average over […]

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Opinion: Colorado has a strong vision for electric vehicles. It needs stronger policies to achieve that vision

Dangerous air quality is Denver’s new summertime normal, setting an ominous new record of 65 Ozone Alert Days between June and August. While worsening wildfires mostly beyond Colorado’s control — along with oil and gas drilling — often are blamed for our toxic air, a major culprit for this issue is the hazardous air pollution […]