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Opinion: Access to water is a human right, unless you’re unhoused in Denver

Not everyone has the luxury to “hold it until they get home.” For the estimated 6,000 people in Denver who lack permanent housing, just finding a working toilet and safe drinking water can take hours of searching.  For such basics, people experiencing homelessness rely not upon city-provided services but mostly on dozens of community organizers, […]

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Here are the Colorado congressional districts that stand to change the most during redistricting

Colorado’s 1st Congressional District in Denver and the 4th District, which sweeps across the Eastern Plains and into Douglas County, stand to change the most this year when an independent commission redraws districts based on 2020 Census numbers, a Colorado Sun analysis shows. Each of Colorado’s seven U.S. House districts will lose population and geographic […]

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Shifting cultural winds amplify calls to rename Colorado’s peaks, valleys and creeks

The statues are falling. The old guard is rapidly fading. And the names, they are a-changin’. As centuries of embedded discrimination erupt in sea-to-plain calls for change, an atlas of geographic locations has appeared in the crosshairs. In Colorado, a host of peaks, valleys, creeks and mesas are poised for renaming as Gov. Jared Polis […]

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Three graphics that explain the 2018 election and Colorado’s political future

The historic Democratic wins in the 2018 election are no fluke — but rather a sign of Colorado’s political future. A new analysis by The Colorado Sun found that all but one of the state’s seven congressional districts is shifting to favor Democrats, including once rock-solid Republican turf. And a handful of one-time swing counties […]