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Supporters of Colorado’s pay-transparency law eye protections for workers “blackballed” by national employers

Democratic state lawmakers behind a law requiring companies to include a salary range in any job posting are eyeing changes to the policy following reports that out-of-state employers are refusing to hire Coloradans to work for them remotely because of the provision.  But the lawmakers and other proponents of the 2019 legislation aren’t interested in […]

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135,000 unemployed Coloradans get benefits after months of waiting. But thousands of others face glitches and denials.

The dizzying roller coaster ride for some of Colorado’s unemployed has gone something like this: No money since Dec. 26 when federal benefits ended, hopeful for the February restart, getting stuck, calling for help, placed on hold, disconnected, retrying, reopening their claim on Saturday, glitches, then denied again.  “Will this ever end?” emailed Bobbie Barr, […]

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Colorado sets Feb. 22 for start of second phase of new federal unemployment benefits

The long-awaited rollout of federal unemployment benefits for those who have used up all other options now has a start date of Feb. 22, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment announced Sunday. “We know that many Coloradans are facing extreme economic hardships right now, and have been anxiously waiting for the ability to apply […]

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Colorado unemployment office plans to use biometric ID verification to battle fraud

A new identity verification system using biometrics is being installed by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment to address the monthslong issues with pandemic unemployment fraud. The service, called, is used — or will be used — by 27 other state unemployment departments to make sure people filing for unemployment are who they […]

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Unemployed Coloradans may have to wait 2-4 weeks before getting more federal aid

It will take two to four weeks for the state to begin distributing new federal unemployment benefits, though it “may be a little sooner” because the state is upgrading its outdated computer system this week, Joe Barela, executive director of Colorado’s Department of Labor and employment, said in a surprise visit during a call with […]