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Pueblo saw hemp as an economic opportunity, so it pounced with taxpayer dollars and hopes of growing big business

PUEBLO — In 2016, Steve Turetsky was looking to get into hemp, scouting around Colorado for the right place to build the farm he would use to feed the growing market for CBD. He needed cheap land, plenty of water and infrastructure for distribution.  Pueblo had all of those things — and wanted his business. […]

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Opinion: Time to stop drinking the Colorado economic Kool-Aid

Three years ago, U.S. News and World Report came out with its state rankings, wherein it deemed Colorado the top state economy in the country. I took the outlet’s word. But I also wrote an op-ed musing about the contradiction between our state’s high economic marks and marks in other categories, like opportunity and education, […]

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Opinion: Overhaul wage and hour rules to protect Coloradans’ most important resource: their time

It often surprises people when they learn my business, Seattle Fish Company, was actually born and raised right here in Denver. Founded in 1918 by my grandfather, the company started out importing oysters by rail from the Pacific coast, and now, over one hundred years and multiple generations later, we’re a thriving business that imports […]

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Opinion: AFP Action backs Cory Gardner for reelection, his hallmark is his ability to unite for what is right

Almost every politician talks about making “tough choices” and “working across the aisle” to get things done. But too often, it’s just talk. Too many do everything they can to avoid difficult votes and wouldn’t be seen in public agreeing with someone from the other party. So, let me tell you a story about tough […]

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From cleaning toilets to Congress, Betsy Markey is now leading Colorado’s renewed focus on small business

After Betsy Markey moved her young family to Fort Collins in 1995, she felt stir crazy. She and her husband had relocated from Maryland, where the technology company they founded was running smoothly and pretty much independently. That life didn’t really need her anymore. So she bought a little coffee shop in Old Town Fort […]

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Focus on language helped drive down injuries for Spanish-speaking construction workers in Colorado

Cristobal Delgado spent three years working as a roofer after moving to the U.S. from Panama. He took a risk on every roof that he climbed because he’d never received a minute of safety training. He mentioned this during a fall-protection safety seminar given by his new employer, Haselden Construction in Centennial, which put the […]

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Electric airplanes developed by a Colorado startup take aim at global pilot shortage

A pivotal moment in George Bye’s entrepreneurial life came in 2006. As the creator of a hot new aircraft called the Javelin, Bye was getting wined and dined by Silicon Valley’s elite, who wanted one of the planes Popular Science described as “a flying sports car.” That’s how Bye, a former Air Force pilot, ended […]

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Federal workers in Jefferson County file one-fourth of Colorado’s 1,642 shutdown unemployment claims

Federal workers in Jefferson County have made the most unemployment claims in Colorado since the government shutdown began three weeks ago, according to data from the state labor department. Approximately 23 percent of the 1,642 unemployment claims filed by federal workers in Colorado since the government shutdown began are from Jefferson County. Denver County ranked […]

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“The mall is really cutthroat.” Colorado retailers are desperate for entry-level workers as Amazon (and its $15/hr minimum) moves in

Next door to the new Amazon four-star store at Park Meadows mall, Lisa Roina helps a customer buy a stick of all natural Paw Wax from Leashes by Liz. The co-owner of Makers Market is quite cheerful even if her store isn’t buzzing with customers like the new neighbor is. Her store doesn’t have fancy […]