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Colorado’s governor candidates face their first major debate this week. What do you want to ask them?

Colorado’s race for governor enters a crucial stage this week — and it’s time for voters to get involved. The Colorado Sun and its partners — CBS4, Colorado Public Television and KOA NewsRadio (850 AM) — will host a prime-time debate between Democrat Jared Polis and Republican Walker Stapleton live at 6 p.m. Friday.  The […]

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How to know if you’re being targeted by campaigns on Facebook in Colorado

We know you’re seeing political ads even if you don’t watch TV. They’re showing up on YouTube videos, Twitter, Instagram, and, especially Facebook. In his most recent campaign filing, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis reported spending $500,000 for social media advertising at the end of August. By comparison, his Republican opponent Walker Stapleton, has spent […]

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Walker Stapleton to start TV ads in October and Jason Crow focuses on military record in new campaign spot

Republican candidate for governor Walker Stapleton will hit the TV airwaves next week with more than $400,000 in campaign commercials just as the election enters a crucial period. The campaign ads will begin Oct. 4, a day before the first major gubernatorial debate — hosted by CBS4, Colorado Public Television, KOA NewsRadio and The Colorado […]

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George Soros, Tom Steyer enter Colorado governor’s race to help Democrat Jared Polis

Democrat Jared Polis put another $200,000 into his campaign in the past two weeks, a relatively low sum for the self-funded gubernatorial candidate and multimillionaire. But his campaign is getting a boost from liberal mega-donors George Soros and Tom Steyer. Polis is still setting records with nearly $19 million raised for his gubernatorial contest versus Republican […]

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$1 million a week is being spent on TV ads in Coffman-Crow race, analysis shows

The 6th Congressional District race between U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman and challenger Jason Crow reached toward another milestone: $1 million in television commercials in a single week. The big money  — mostly from party committees and outside organizations — represents nearly half of all TV ad spending in Colorado this election cycle, according to The […]

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U.S. House coalesces at 11th hour to try to save Land and Water Conservation Fund

A rare instance of bipartisanship in Washington, D.C., on Thursday yielded legislation that would permanently support a 54-year-old fund that has invested more than $268 million in Colorado’s outdoors. And the new bill could spur a sizable increase in federal support for recreation and access in the state. The Natural Resources Committee — helmed by […]

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Interior Department says Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge public opening will be delayed, then quickly says it won’t

By Dan Elliott, The Associated Press DENVER — The U.S. Interior Department said Friday it will go ahead with plans to open a wildlife refuge at the site of a former nuclear weapons plant in Colorado, after briefly putting the opening on hold amid concerns about public safety. Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, on the perimeter […]

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Jared Polis spent $39.79 per vote in the primaries. That’s nothing compared to other self-funded candidates.

The $18.4 million Jared Polis has spent from his own pocket to become Colorado governor is setting statewide records and drawing complaints from his opponent that the Democrat is trying to buy the election. But so far, the self-funding is relatively moderate compared to other gubernatorial candidates around the nation. Polis ranks fifth in the […]

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How the “outdoor voter” has emerged as a potentially potent political force in Colorado

David Leinweber, the owner of Colorado Springs’ beloved Angler’s Covey flyfishing shop, asked a Republican candidate earlier this year to voice full-throated support for the state’s outdoor recreation industry. The candidate told him, “No way. It will put a target on my back, and I’ll be labeled as green,’” Leinweber recalled. “And he lost my […]

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Here’s how much the Koch network will spend to help elect Walker Stapleton in governor’s race

The political arm of the conservative Koch network will announce Wednesday that it is endorsing Republican Walker Stapleton in the Colorado governor’s race — and may spend as much as $1 million to help get him elected. Americans for Prosperity-Colorado told The Colorado Sun that it would put its “full weight” behind Stapleton, the two-term […]