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Jackson County

Jackson County
Jackson County

The wolves are coming. Can Coloradans meet them on common ground?

Jackson County rancher who reported the first wolf kill in more than 70 years says he’s skeptical, but willing to try.


How a rural Colorado town without a pharmacy is crowdsourcing to get meds

With no local access to prescription drugs, Walden residents are taking advantage of anyone’s trip to bigger cities to pick up medications for the rest of the town


Rural Americans in pharmacy deserts hurting for COVID vaccines

111 rural counties, mostly between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, have no pharmacy that can give the vaccines. But counties in Colorado pharmacy deserts still are getting vaccines to residents.


Avalanche-trained dog locates body of snowmobiler killed in massive northern Colorado slide

The man died when a slide broke near Ruby Mountain in Jackson County. His death brings the total number of people killed in avalanches this season to 11, a tie for the worst season on record.


Snowmobiler missing after avalanche in Jackson County

There have been 10 avalanche deaths this season in Colorado, making it the deadliest season since 2012-13


Northern Colorado has its own backcountry ski patrollers. And they’re busier than ever.

Diamond Peaks Ski Patrol celebrates 30 years negotiating complicated terrain, boundaries and avalanche risk near Cameron Pass


“Too many uncontrollables”: From coronavirus to wildfires, Colorado’s hunting season brings a slew of uncertainties

While the long-term outlook for wildlife could benefit from the reshaping of the forest, less habitat plus more hunters equals a problem.


“Flaring” at oil and gas wells to be curtailed as Colorado regulators adopt some of nation’s strictest rules

The practice of burning off natural gas is relatively rare in Colorado, but tough rules on flaring and venting may help the state meet greenhouse gas reduction goals.


There’s an app for that: How two rural Colorado counties reached more kids with developmental delays

Catching delays and providing therapies to help children catch up in their earliest years not only capitalizes on a key period of brain growth, but can reduce the need for special education services later on