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Young Jamin Wright could make anything from wood. It was harps that hit just the right note.

GRAND JUNCTION — Harps have a reputation that has a whole lot to do with chubby cupids and highbrow-hotel lobbies. Harp music is the Pearly Gates’ soundtrack. But inside a metal building tucked between a supply business and a laboratory in an industrial section of Grand Junction, it is quickly obvious that harps are also […]

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Two years into Colorado’s home school boom, pandemic uncertainties bring new families into the fold

When Amber Ingram became a mom, home-schooling her children seemed like a natural next step to just about everyone but her. As a public school teacher in Colorado Springs, and married to another public school teacher, Ingram saw herself teaching at the head of a classroom, not the head of her kitchen table. But that’s […]

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The coronavirus inspired me to write in praise of home schooling — but not the way you think

In Praise of Home School  I see my neighbor through the aspen tree.Usually in suit & heels at a desk downtown now she’s home in baggy sweats, intent on deconstructing a pile of delivery boxes creating a cardboard idol to order. On a walk, a grey brush rabbitsits half-in, half-out of a hedge. His nose pulsates; mine feels red & […]

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Death of boy, 7, found in Denver storage unit, could spark new rules about following up on kids at risk who are pulled from school

Caden McWilliams’ body lay hidden in a storage unit for as long as seven months, and no one was looking for him. The fact no one reported the 7-year-old missing has prompted child advocates to call for a system of follow-up when a child who has been the subject of an abuse or neglect investigation […]