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high school

high school

Opinion: A Colorado high schooler’s lament about Advanced Placement classes and almighty curriculum

Fall high school sports in Colorado undecided amid coronavirus

California, New Mexico, Hawaii and other states have already decided to postpone their fall sport seasons until December or the beginning of 2021

Graduation rates could suffer after lawmakers cut a program to help Colorado kids entering high school

The Ninth Grade Success Grant program has been critical in helping schools hire staff to assist freshmen and track their academic progress

Coronavirus stole their last months of high school in Colorado, and a long list of traditions

From prom to graduation to just hanging out with friends, Colorado seniors are missing out on some final moments. But they say this isn’t the worst thing that’s happened to the class of 2020.

More Colorado students are graduating from high school, even if it takes more time

Statewide, Colorado’s 81.1% graduation rate still leaves the state below the national average

Denver to change curriculum that educators said “eliminates the Native American perspective”

The changes come after a Denver high school principal, who is a member of the Klamath tribe of Oregon, expressed horror with the curriculum — and frustration that it hadn’t yet been changed

Charter school network STRIVE Prep to close northwest Denver high school in possible sign of what’s to come

STRIVE’s decision is significant because after years of rapid growth, demographers predict enrollment in Denver Public Schools will soon begin to shrink

Colorado teens are switching from smoking marijuana to eating it, study shows

State and federal surveys have found teen use of marijuana remained relatively stable since Colorado began allowing adults to buy and use marijuana in 2014