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Robberies dropped, fights between roommates spiked: How quarantine affected crime in Colorado

Nobody knew how the coronavirus, with its historic stay-at-home order from the governor, would influence and inspire crime across Colorado.  No previous period, no critical incident, offered much in the way of clues to how law breaking would evolve — how conditions would reshape the ways people interacted in close quarters; how violence might erupt […]

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What if we never need the $100 million coronavirus overflow hospitals Colorado is building?

Coloradans are slowly starting to go back to work, schedule haircuts and meet up with friends. Meanwhile, the state is constructing five makeshift medical sites with the potential to hold thousands of sick coronavirus patients when and if the wave does come.  The beds aren’t ready yet. And they aren’t needed, so far.  The cost […]

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An army of volunteers is using Facetime, Zoom to protect Colorado foster kids during coronavirus

The call usually comes around 7 each night, while Sarah Sparks is watching a movie with her two daughters on the couch. She keeps her phone close so she doesn’t miss it. On the other end of the line is a 7-year-old girl, a foster child who lives in a Denver residential treatment center, a […]

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A Western Slope community wants to move beyond its coal legacy. The Trump Administration wants “energy dominance.”

For nearly a decade, a group of farmers in the North Fork Valley joined with local tourism businesses and conservation groups to craft a resource management plan that could help the Bureau of Land Management shepherd the multiple uses of the valley’s public lands for the next 20 years.  More than 600 mining jobs disappeared […]

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Our “family” needs to come together and heed the lessons taught by coronavirus

Sit down America, we need to talk.  You’ve been strong for so long, trying desperately to hide any potential weakness, but this is a new day and that masculine sentiment of “only the strong survive” and “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” just doesn’t work for us anymore.  Sure, that aggressive, dominant attitude of independence […]

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The Western Slope’s outdoor recreation economy had everything but a bachelor’s degree. Colorado Mesa is changing that.

Sarah Shrader, the co-owner of the Grand Junction-based international zipline course developer and builder Bonsai Design, in November gathered a team of Colorado’s outdoor recreation industry executives. She had a simple question: What do they need from the next generation of outdoor industry leaders?  The answers they gave — a robust grasp of the outdoor […]

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Colorado regulators approve tougher oil and gas air rules, ending statewide disparity

Colorado air-quality regulators have approved tougher statewide oil and gas regulations ending a disparity between areas in western Colorado. The state Air Quality Control Commission approved changes Thursday that would make regulations uniform statewide after hearing opinions from residents and industry officials last week, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported Thursday. The regulations would require more frequent […]

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Top Bureau of Land Management employees face deadline on Grand Junction HQ move

GRAND JUNCTION — Career staff at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management have until Thursday to tell the agency whether they’ll relocate from the nation’s capital to new posts in the West. That includes about 24 positions at the BLM’s new national headquarters in Grand Junction. Colorado Public Radio reports that the deadline affects nearly 200 high-level […]