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government shutdown

government shutdown

Colorado’s Democratic attorney general is exploring lawsuit to stop Trump’s emergency declaration

Phil Weiser said the president’s order Friday goes against the rule of law. Other Democrats have threatened lawsuits pushing back against the move and the ACLU has already vowed to sue

Armstrong: Congress should free Colorado’s brewers from onerous regulations

“It feels like a Band-Aid”: Colorado federal workers’ unemployment claims near 3,000 as short-term shutdown deal is reached

The Colorado labor department has paid out nearly $450,000 in unemployment claims as of Friday, creating a complicated situation as workers receive back pay

Here’s how Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet voted as the U.S. Senate rejected both plans for reopening government

Republican Cory Gardner voted for both the Republican and Democratic plans to reopen the federal government Thursday. Democrat Michael Bennet voted against the Republican plan and for the Democrats' one.

Opinion: Americans deserve a government that works for all of us — not just for the oil and gas industry

Nicolais: Martinez decision demonstrates Colorado’s Supreme Court commitment to judicial discipline

While much of the federal government remains shutdown by political strife, Colorado’s top court continues to work just as it should

The government shutdown is taking a toll on wildfire preparations across the West

Firefighting training courses are being canceled from Tennessee to Oregon, piles of dead trees are untended in federal forests and controlled burns to thin dry vegetation aren't getting done

Gov. Polis says the federal shutdown isn’t impacting Colorado’s state budget — but that could quickly change

More than 2,200 unemployment claims related to the federal shutdown have been filed in Colorado

Federal workers in Jefferson County file one-fourth of Colorado’s 1,642 shutdown unemployment claims

Denver, Larimer and Arapahoe Counties also see double-digit share as claims as furlough drags on

Rocky Mountain National Park begins tapping recreation fees to pay some workers

Some staff may soon get paid, but ripple effect has contractors unable to get back pay, research on hold and local shops searching for sales alternatives

Unemployment claims by federal employees up in Colorado as government shutdown drags on

Patent office and federal courts running out of reserve funds while SNAP faces end-of-the-month funding deadlines

Colorado and the 2018-19 federal shutdown: What’s open, what’s not and what’s kind of open

You can still file a patent but not an IPO. National parks are open but the bathrooms are closed. US Courts are open for another week or so.

Colorado-based Santa tracker will still run despite government shutdown; Rocky Mountain National Park impacted

Rocky Mountain National Park's gates were open, but staffing was cut back and roads were not being cleared of new snow

Colorado, other states paid big sums to keep federal parks open during the 2013 shutdown. Utah says it’s unlikely to recoup its $1M tab.

Colorado paid to keep Rocky Mountain National Park open