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Opinion: We work in Colorado’s emergency rooms. We need you to help us end the pandemic

You trust us 24/7/365 to take care of you in emergency departments throughout Colorado. We have been treating COVID-19 for more than 20 months, never missing a day of work, except for illness.  We continue to work tirelessly to save lives and advocate for you, our patients, but we and our colleagues are exhausted and […]

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In the Denver Health emergency department, patients and caregivers are scarred by a brutal year

She heard the screams first. Dr. Morgan Eutermoser was working another shift in a seemingly endless gantlet of them during the pandemic at the Denver Health emergency department, where she is an attending physician. Her N95 mask dug reassuringly into her face. It was late summer — usually the high season for trauma cases in […]

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If it gets bad, Colorado doctors have a plan for who gets lifesaving coronavirus treatment — and who doesn’t

In northern Italy, just two weeks ago, doctors found themselves inundated with patients sickened by the new coronavirus. One large hospital had roughly 500 patients positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. As many as 90 new patients with COVID-19 symptoms arrived each day. The onrush of patients overwhelmed the hospital’s medical supplies, […]

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A view from a California hospital on the front lines of the coronavirus battle

By Anna Maria Barry-Lester, Kaiser Health News On Tuesday, Dr. Jeanne Noble devoted time between patient visits to hanging clear 2-gallon plastic bags at each of her colleagues’ workstations. Noble is a professor of emergency medicine and director of the UC-San Francisco medical center response to the novel coronavirus that has permeated California and reached […]