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Nicolais: Colorado Court of Appeals alters the 2020 landscape for politically active organizations

A little heralded decision by the Colorado Court of Appeals could cause headaches for politically active organizations involved in Colorado’s 2020 elections. In an unpublished opinion, the court of appeals affirmed that Colorado Pioneer Action – a nonprofit organization run by former congressman and GOP gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez – qualified as a “political committee” […]

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Carman: C’mon Denver voters, put down your leaf-blowers and finally imagine a great city

The election is over, and it’s abundantly clear that Denver voters are clueless. Traffic is their No. 1 problem, they say. Oh, how they hate to spend their mornings in traffic jams when they could be at the gym or sipping cold brew on the patio at Stella’s. And homelessness is so filthy, so disgusting. […]

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Nicolais: Jamie Giellis didn’t just lose the Denver mayoral race, Hancock’s team won it

Campaigns matter. More specifically, competent professional campaigns matter. The runoff election for Denver mayor put an exclamation point on that adage. The shortcomings of the Jamie Giellis campaign and her many unforced errors earned plenty of attention from mainstream and social media alike. But in hindsight, the quietly effective campaign for Michael Hancock made several […]

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Nicolais: Giellis campaign for Denver mayor goes from incompetent to shameful

On Tuesday night, for the first time since I worked as a senior research analyst on a presidential campaign, I watched a political debate with a pad of paper and a pen. It turned out I couldn’t scribble fast enough to capture some of the most jaw-dropping moments during the Denver mayoral debate. In particular, […]

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Opinion: Did Colorado Democrats overreach, or were they right on target?

After a legislative session that delivered full-day kindergarten, lower costs for early childhood education, new steps toward paid leave and retirement security and stronger consumer protections, there’s a campaign trying to tell you these priorities are somehow alien ambitions for our state — that these community achievements are a far cry from what Coloradans want […]

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Opinion: For voters in local Colorado elections, it’s the growth, stupid!

Last week’s somewhat stunning election results for mayor of Denver highlight that Colorado’s explosive population growth is consuming local election campaigns and outcomes. All three high-profile competitors against current Mayor Michael Hancock — Jamie Giellis, Penfield Tate and Lisa Calderon — focused on the negative impacts of growth on the city of Denver and the […]

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Colorado’s oil and gas battlefield (and campaign cash) is shifting to local elections

Gov. Jared Polis suggested Colorado’s “oil and gas wars … are over” when he signed sweeping new industry regulations into law this month. But really, the battlefield just shifted. The new law empowers counties and municipalities to exert more authority over oil and gas development, reversing the prior approach that gave the state preemptive control […]