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Drug Enforcement Administration

Drug Enforcement Administration
Drug Enforcement Administration

State leaders call for unified action to combat rising fentanyl poisonings across Colorado

“Fentanyl is killing our kids. This is not a partisan issue. This is a public safety issue, and most importantly, this is a public health issue,” 17th Judicial District Attorney Brian Mason said.


Monthslong drug investigation into Denver-area fentanyl trafficking results in 19 indictments

Counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl are causing a surge in overdose deaths in Colorado. The defendants are accused of selling drugs in Arapahoe, Douglas, Denver and Jefferson counties.

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How fake blue pills killed people on the Western Slope and led to Colorado’s first counterfeit opioid death conviction

For the first time in Colorado, a drug dealer has been convicted of causing a person’s death from fentanyl pills disguised to look like prescription painkillers. The trial centered on one victim, but there were others.

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Counterfeit opioid pills made in Mexico pushed Colorado into a third, deadly wave of the opioid crisis

The Colorado Sun spoke with Deanne Reuter, special agent in charge of the Denver field office of the DEA, where agents are tracing the illicit fentanyl pipeline across the southern border.

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Fentanyl overdoses are surging in Colorado as the powerful opioid is disguised as other drugs

The number of people who died of fentanyl overdoses in Denver jumped to 119 last year, up from 17 just two years before. Statewide, overdoses involving fentanyl more than doubled.


A deputy’s knack for sussing out mules has made a lonely stretch of I-70 the top drug-bust site in Colorado

Mesa County deputy Mike Miller has patrolled a stretch of desert west of Grand Junction for decades. The DEA says his busts have kept 20 tons of illicit drugs off the streets


Why the DEA is suing Colorado’s pharmacy board as part of an opioid investigation

State officials say they can’t release the data the DEA wants without violating patients’ privacy

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