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Political swings on Colorado school boards spark level of antagonism not seen since desegregation

Julie Hensley believes her SUV was targeted because of the cheery blue-and-yellow “Come Together” message spray-painted on her back window.  The special education teacher at Legend High School in Parker was already at her desk at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday when the hallways began to buzz with word that teachers’ cars were slapped with flyers: […]

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“I can’t do this to myself anymore”: Pandemic stress has driven some Colorado teachers to leave the classroom

Diane Santorico was a year shy of completing her third decade as a teacher when the profession that once gave her so much joy nearly stole all of it. She was sick – physically sick – and tired. The first few weeks of school had demanded that she teach in a second-floor classroom baking at […]

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COVID closed Mesa County school kitchens. Students got them reopen.

As the recent Thanksgiving Day holiday approached, school district officials in Grand Junction were in a bind. COVID-19 outbreaks, other respiratory illnesses and staff shortages had all challenged the district since classes began in August. And now, the turkey was in jeopardy. Mesa County Valley School District 51 has had a long tradition of serving […]

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COVID outbreaks have shut down some Colorado schools. Will holidays and cold weather make things worse?

When COVID-19 swept through an elementary, middle and high school in Pagosa Springs in November, many kids in Archuleta School District #50 JT once again had to abandon the classroom to learn at home. Along with shutting down the high school for five school days amid a string of staff absences, the rural southwest Colorado […]

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Carman: Nearly 2 years into COVID, the kids have gone feral and teachers are their prey

My friends who are teachers thought 2020 would be the nadir.  Remote learning, hybrid classrooms, quarantines, working more than full time with no child care, angry parents, constantly changing instructional plans, pay cuts and fear for their own health left many questioning their career choice if not their sanity. This year is worse. A kind […]

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Colorado school board contests, stoked by COVID, draw intense partisan fervor and big money

GRAND JUNCTION — For Paul Pitton, the turning point came the night a mob of irate parents disrupted a Mesa Valley School District 51 board meeting and sent Pitton and his colleagues fleeing through a back door, under police escort.   The 42-year veteran educator later resigned from the school board, rattled by the latest […]

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Colorado kids are floundering in math, a “crisis” that may add up to trouble for tomorrow’s workforce

Colorado students tumbled further behind in math as the pandemic closed schools and learning went largely virtual, according to a new analysis of this year’s state assessments results. A new report from the Keystone Policy Center, a nonprofit research group, found that math test scores plummeted for many students across the state, falling at an […]

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Littwin: The debate about vaccines and stem cells is the latest twist. By the way, the pope says it’s “suicidal” not to be vaccinated.

The news could have been worse, but it was bad enough. We got the message from my 6-year-old’s elementary school on Thursday night that he might have to be quarantined because of a possible COVID infection in his first-grade class. The next day, we hear that the quarantine would, in fact, be put in place, […]