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More than 46,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine will soon head to Colorado. Here’s what happens next.

The state Health Department on Friday announced that it has placed its first order with the federal government for coronavirus vaccine — 46,800 doses of Pfizer’s not-yet-approved vaccine. “The availability of a COVID-19 vaccine is a major turning point in this pandemic, and we will act as swiftly as possible to get it distributed once […]

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Colorado’s governor says prisoners won’t be prioritized for a coronavirus vaccine. A state plan outlines otherwise.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Gov. Jared Polis forcefully denied criticism that Colorado’s plan for prioritizing allocation of coronavirus vaccines will place incarcerated individuals ahead of healthy older Coloradans. “That won’t happen,” Polis said. “There’s no way that prisoners are going to get it before members of a vulnerable population . … There’s no way […]

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It could take up to a year before every Coloradan who wants a coronavirus vaccine can get one

Most Coloradans who want a coronavirus vaccine could begin receiving one as early as spring but may have to wait up to a year, two state health officials said Thursday, tamping down expectations that promising news about vaccine development could rescue the state from the current surge in cases. Based on current projections, Colorado is […]

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Why another statewide lockdown is unlikely, even as Colorado’s coronavirus situation worsens each day

Coloradans are more likely to encounter someone with coronavirus now than at any point during the pandemic, state health officials say. Hospitalizations because of COVID-19 have surged to a new high. The state’s health care capacity is at risk of being overwhelmed in a matter of weeks. Yet Gov. Jared Polis has declined to place […]

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Colorado unveils draft plan for who will get a coronavirus vaccine first

After months of discussion, state health leaders on Thursday unveiled a draft plan for who will be first in line for a coronavirus vaccine when one likely becomes available in scant quantities toward the end of this year or early next year. Though several vaccine candidates have entered the final stage of clinical trials, there […]

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A huge number of Coloradans already say they won’t get a coronavirus vaccine. Will politics make it worse?

A coronavirus vaccine could end this agonizing pandemic. But two new polls out last week revealed startling numbers on how many Coloradans actually want to receive one. The first, from the Colorado Health Foundation, found nearly one-third of Coloradans surveyed said they would likely not step up to get vaccinated for coronavirus when a vaccine […]

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Months before its arrival, Colorado tries to answer the question: Who should get the coronavirus vaccine first?

Imagine for a moment a headline from the perhaps not-too-distant future: The United States announced an approved vaccine targeting the SARS-CoV-2 virus, that spike-protein-studded bastard that causes COVID-19. Great news, right? Now, imagine the headline the next day: For the foreseeable future, there won’t be enough doses of the vaccine for everyone to get it. […]